Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


The 7th International Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine Symposium is a joint organization of WIP Benelux section and WAPMU and will focus on ‘The Patient - Flow from Diagnosis to Treatment’.

WIP Benelux has the objective to promote correct diagnosis and treatment of pain. When interventional pain management techniques are indicated, deep knowledge of anatomy and procedural precision of utmost importance.

WAPMU (World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography) is a multidisciplinary educational non-profit organization striving to provide practical and evidence-based approaches in procedural anatomy and injection techniques related to chronic pain conditions. Teaching of procedural techniques is based on published clinical and imaging studies and risk-benefit ratios.

The 7th International Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine Symposium is organized in collaboration with the department of anatomy of the Radboud University Nijmegen, and under the auspices of WIP and WAPMU.

This symposium offers doctors with an interest in interventional pain management the possibility to assist in the theoretical sessions focusing on Interventional Pain Medicine - ‘Fluoroscopy’ and ‘Ultrasound’.

Additionally, the interactive cadaver workshops on Friday are designed to guide participants through different aspects of neuropathic and chronic pain and medical imaging.



Program director: Program vice-director: Members:

Frank Huygen
Kris Vissers
Christ Declerck, Craig Hartrick,
Jan Willem Kallewaard, Martine Puylaert,
Micha Sommer, Monique Steegers,
Koen Van Boxem, Maarten Van Kleef, Jan Van Zundert