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LSORA are proud to present our ESRA recognised two day workshops in regional anaesthesia. We will be featuring a keynote lecture by our international guest;

Associate Professor Ki Jinn Chin from Toronto, followed by an anatomy lecture series not to be missed!


  • Introduction to ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia
  • Anatomy of the upper limb
  • Anatomy of the abdominal wall and lower limb

Anatomy and Scanning Workshops

  • Head and neck • Ilioinguinal • Lateral cutaneous
  • Supraclavicular • Saphenous • Below clavicle
  • Upper limb • Neuroaxial • Needling
  • Lower limb • Popliteal • Ankle
  • Axillary • Rectus • TAP
  • Above clavicle interscalene • Abdomen
  • Lower limb sciatic, femoral
  • Epidural space paravertebral and psoas


Two days of excellent education in association


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